Evolutionary Ambassador

A 6-Month Training to Become a Global Leader
in the Mission to Co-Create a New Culture of
Deeper Connection and Accelerated Evolution

with Visionary Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Evolutionary Ambassador

A 6-Month Training to Become a Global Leader in the Mission to Co-Create a New Culture of Deeper Connection and Accelerated Evolution

with Visionary Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Evolutionary Ambassador

A 6-Month Training to Become a Global Leader in the Mission to Co-Create a New Culture of Deeper Connection and Accelerated Evolution

with Visionary Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Limited to 40 Participants by Application Only

Do You Feel Like You’re Meant
To Have A Global Impact?

If you’re a writer, healer, scientist, public speaker, teacher, facilitator, or activist, and you feel drawn to make an impact on a national or global level…

Visionary author Barbara Marx Hubbard is looking for 40 passionate individuals who are ready to step into a powerful circle of co-creativity and receive the training, tools and connections that will springboard you to where you want be, inspiring people wherever you go, and quickening the transformation you can generate on a global scale.

Much of humanity is so paralyzed by their fear of others and of change that they’ve panicked and turned down a dark and devolving road, while others simply feel lost and unanchored, not sure where to turn or who to trust.

One of the biggest challenges humanity faces right now is that there aren’t enough people with the wisdom and skills to guide those who are lost back to an understanding of who they truly are, while also helping those who already feel that deeper connection become more adept in co-creating a better world for everyone and for the Earth itself.

The time has come for anyone who feels called to contribute at the highest level to step forward and maximize their impact, to help guide all of humanity back to the deepest truth of all — that we are One — and allow this truth to infuse our every thought, word and action in the world.

If you believe you’re ready to become one of those guides, then Barbara is ready to pass you the torch, so you can embody all she has learned and practiced on her own journey, as you carry the fire of evolution forward.

If you are one of those 40 individuals who feels called to carry that evolutionary torch, there are new skills, tools and support structures you will need in order to play the larger role for which you’re destined.

Back in the early 1960s, Barbara was among the first women to walk away from the traditional housewife-mother role when she said Yes to her destiny and followed her heart’s desire to pursue the study of human consciousness and share her findings with the world.

From wife and mother of 5, to bestselling author of 9 books and, in 1984, the first woman to have her name placed in nomination for vice president of the United States, Barbara continues to be on the leading edge of consciousness research and of conscious evolution itself.

Barbara has been working with Humanity’s Team for some time now, culminating with the creation of this new 6-Month Training Program. 

During the training Barbara will pass on to you everything she’s learned about being an evolutionary guide, living a vital, visible, and profoundly impactful life, and playing a prominent role in helping humanity make our next evolutionary leap.

This program is a kind of Harvard Business School for global ambassadors and conscious leaders, and you’ll get as much value from the connections as you will from the content.

This is your time — commit to the destiny that is calling you to step forward, and Barbara will show you how to fulfill it!


During Barbara Marx Hubbard’s 6-Month Evolutionary Ambassador Training, you will discover how to…

  • Deeply connect with the Divine energy of Universal Evolution within you, so you can become a leader who embodies and expresses that Divine connection
  • Better understand and be able to process the events of the world
  • Engage in deep communion with other pioneering souls
  • Self-realize by saying “yes” to your highest purpose
  • Adapt to any situation by tuning into the Impulse of Evolution within you offering a healing response
  • Fully embody advanced capacities of greater consciousness, freedom and loving order
  • Launch a movement for the conscious evolution of humanity
  • Develop an inner connection with Source to guide you at all times
  • Gain the wisdom and strength to lead at a global level
  • Step onto any stage in the world, calm and self-assured, whether a conversation in your your local community, a city council meeting, in front of news cameras, testifying before Congress, or giving a speech at the United Nations, and speak your truth so clearly that it can be understood by anyone who hears you

A Note From Barbara Marx Hubbard

Dear Friend,

Whether you fully realize it yet or not, you are entering the greatest and most important stage of your life.

Why? Because evolution itself has entered a Shift Point where humanity has two choices.

Rapid devolution, climate degradation, continued species extinction, massive displacement of people as the seas rise, disappearing opportunities in every aspect of life…


An awakening of countless pioneering souls to greatness — all of us accessing our highest creativity and deepest love, each pursuing our deepest heart’s desire and stepping fully into our genius.

I’m looking for 40 brave, ambitious and inspired individuals who are ready to train with me to become evolutionary leaders and evolutionary partners working together in synergy to co-create a new world.

This is more than evolution. It also entails involution, which is consciousness manifesting as one’s Full Potential Self.

What is happening right now is the culmination of of all that has unfolded since Spirit first descended into matter, then life, then animal life, and now into human life, where we now stand poised to make our next leap forward.

In my new Evolutionary Ambassador Training, I, along with the members of my esteemed guest faculty, will train you to become a guide to others, so you can be a part of this vitally important process of redirecting humanity from the current state of devolution state to the conscious evolution that is possible for us all.

You will be joining an inspired few of humanity’s guides at the threshold of the most glorious opportunity to wholly give your gift in this lifetime.

Every capacity you have will be activated and amplified, allowing you to see more clearly than ever before exactly where and how you are meant to share your gifts at any given time.

I invite you to join me in becoming part of a dynamic new community of guides and leaders who together will bridge the gap to our next stage of evolution.

This is not an online course. It is a global movement.

I’ll hope you’ll join me. 


What You Will Receive

Evolutionary Ambassador

6-Month Training to Become a Global Leader in the Mission to Co-Create a New Culture of Deeper Connection and Accelerated Evolution

An Online & In-Person Training
With Visionary Spiritual Teacher Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Training Starts on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019



The New Era of Evolution & the Program’s Intention

In this module, you will gain clarity about the new era of evolution we are entering, and you’ll come into powerful alignment with the mission of the Deep Self-Evolution Program. 

There is often talk about the possibility of mass destruction, but the possibility of mass evolution doesn’t get enough attention. 

During this first Module, Barbara will explore this possibility in depth, along with the ways we are encoded for evolutionary transformation.


Connection with the Divine

In this module, you will discover how to establish a clear and consistent connection with your Higher Power, Source, or the Divine Energy of the Universe. This will allow you to directly receive love and inspiration, along with practical and actionable guidance. 

Being called to be an Evolutionary Ambassador springs from a Divine intent, and Barbara will show you how to cultivate that Divine impulse within yourself where you’ll discover that in a very real sense you are actually on a “mission from God.” 

Barbara will teach you how to have the discipline to maintain that connection with the Divine, regardless of the circumstances and appearances that challenge it on any given day.


Clarifying Your Intention

In this module, you will explore how to transform your desire – or evolutionary impulse – into concrete plans and actions. 

Most people have generalized intentions, but in order to truly succeed on a global level, your intention has to be crystal clear and focused. 

Barbara will show you how to sense into the depth of your life’s intention to become an evolutionary ambassador, and teach you how to more clearly and effectively set the intentions you have for what you want to accomplish and where you want to be in the future.


Your Leadership Style

In this module, you will discover your own “action logic,” which is the first step toward developing a more effective leadership style. 

Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for organizational change. What differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management. Rather, it’s their internal “action logic” — how they interpret their surroundings and react when their power or safety is challenged. 

There are two different approaches to leadership, the Individualist and the Strategist, and it is best to be a balance of both. 

Barbara will show you how to recognize which style you lean toward and teach you how to develop the strengths and characteristics of the other to create the balance you will need to succeed on the highest level


Understanding Your Moral Support Structures

In this module, you will learn how to clarify, solidify and expand your moral support structure. 

To become an Evolutionary Ambassador it is essential to have a small informal “team” of others in your life who you can trust, and who can be relied upon to help you ride the unpredictable highs and lows that come from doing evolutionary work in the world. 

Barbara will explain all the nuances of why this is so important, and she’ll show you how to better be able to know who among your friends and colleagues truly unconditionally supports you and your work. 


The Wheel of Co-Creation

In this module, you will begin to connect your evolutionary impulse with a segment of the wheel, to energize your own contribution in one of these fields.

The Wheel of Co-Creation is based on a whole systems design worldview that identifies a central hub and twelve sectors of an active community, namely Infrastructure/Design, Justice, Media, Relations, Science, Spirituality, Arts, Economics, Education, Environment, Governance, Health. All sectors represent interconnected needs within a community.

Barbara will show you how to identify key issues within each of these sectors – first looking at what is working in the world, and then collaboratively initiating co-creative manifestations that are beneficial to the sector and to the whole. 



Acquainting Yourself with the Social Situation in the World

In this module, you will develop your own daily “protocol” for scanning the international, national, regional and local news sources and be ab;e to intelligently discern among the vast sources of news and information available, and understand their biases.

Evolutionary Ambassadors must be well acquainted with the shifting social situations and issues that arise daily in the world, and particularly aware of changes in their own culture. 

Barbara will show you how to develop skills that will help you to be well versed in what’s being disseminated through the current news media in order to best use that information to direct your work and identify those people and causes worthy of your support and attention.


The Technologies of the New Culture

In this module, you will explore the established and emerging technologies on which the world operates, thus enhancing your technological literacy and increasing your comfort level with technology in general.

Technology is ubiquitous in the new culture, so it is imperative that we have more than a basic understanding of it so that we are aware of how best to use it and of its impacts on humanity. 

Barbara will give you an in-depth look at the nature of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, alternative energies, algorithms, the “Cloud,” etc. , your understanding of which will inform and support your work.


The New News

In this module, you will develop the knowledge and savvy to influence and contribute to a new paradigm of news and the dissemination of information.

There is much that is working very well in the world, but most people never hear about it because it’s not in the news. Ever since those who control the media outlets discovered that when people are scared and angry, the news gets higher ratings, that is what they focus on delivering, so we’re riveted to the news of what isn’t working. 

Barbara will show you how to strategize ways of more effectively getting hopeful and transformative news stories shared on local and national news outlets, and you’ll also explore other ways of publicly spreading the positive word.


Participatory Co-Creation

In this module, you will effectively evaluate other successful organizations and communities so you can take what works best for them and apply those same practices and approaches in your own and others’ projects. 

There are many other organizations and communities in the world that are already operating successfully in an evolutionary context. Once you’re able to identify them and learn from them. 

Barbara will teach you deep skills in community building and the kind  participatory co-creation that will be necessary to take us to the next level.



Creating a New Culture

In this module, you will get connected with others already doing related work for networking, support, and synergistic convergence.

In order to create a new culture, it is necessary to go to the leading edge of evolution and see what is breaking through. The Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0  is a major component in this process.

You will self-select your area of ambassadorship within the wheel and then tap into the vocational arousal and allow it to connect ambassadors with others in every sector of the wheel who are already forging that new culture. 



Working in Synergy

In this module, you will develop the skills to engage more deeply and effectively with and work with your ambassador partners towards the mutual support of one another’s work.

Many other programs are developing people as “solopreneurs,” and even when such programs support them to develop conscious businesses practices, they don’t address or develop the most critical skill of our time: synergy. 

Barbara will show you how to move through your life not coming from ego but from oneness, from spirit, from the evolutionary impulse, and coming from that level of pure self will allow you to generate real movement and real action in your life and in the world around you.


Mutual Coaching

In this module, you will learn to be fully present to your collaborators and partners and listen to them with non-judgment and non-attachment. 

When coaching others it is critical to not be unduly influenced by your own emotional or psychological triggers, allowing you to support and encourage them as purely as possible.

Barbara will teach you how to coach rather than criticize, and to let your coaching flow out of you intuitively.


Participatory Democracy

In this module, you will develop the skills and knowledge to support, advocate for, and even counsel political candidates who run on a platform of participatory democracy.

SYNCON is a way for the government to relate to the people and to enhance participatory democracy everywhere.

Barbara will teach you all about SYNCON and show you how to have a successful impact in the world of politics on any level you choose to focus. 



Making Contact with World, National, and Local Institutions

In this module, you will gain the skills and support to be able to go to institutions like the UN,  Congress, the World Parliament of Religions, and high-level business leadership meetings. 

The intricate workings of government bodies present a complicated web of challenges that may well need to be navigated by an Evolutionary Ambassador during their work.  

Barbara will teach you how to become well versed in understanding what the Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S. are actually trying to do, as well as the progressive parties in other countries.


Team Building

In this module, you will identify your strengths as a team builder and a team member, as well as your growing edges in each.

Many aspects of what you want to accomplish in your life and career will likely require that you assemble a formal team to ensure everything goes smoothly and as planned.

Barbara will show you how to create a team of people who are deeply inspired by what you’re trying to do, and then develop the structures to support, encourage, and continue to educate them.


Media Training

In this module, you will learn how to use your precious time to communicate a compelling, passionate, easy-to-understand story/message clearly, while coming across as naturally and authentically as possible. 

During your mission, you will likely need to appear and speak in many different public and private situations, and you’ll need a wealth of skills to do that with the necessary assurance and poise to have the impact you want to and make your desired impression.

Barbara will teach you how to build your presence and confidence for doing interviews, delivering talks, being on video, speaking at public events, or in legal proceedings. 


Synergizing With Influencers

In this module, you will learn to engage evolutionary leaders who excel in different parts of the Wheel of Co-Creation for guidance and as mentors.

Other renowned luminaries will work to enhance your training and support you and the other ambassadors and be much more than merely inspirational. 

We will help to plant you and your fellow ambassadors in fertile ground, where you can become involved with like-minded others so you can get traction as conscious leaders.


Synergistic Support Network

In this module, you will discover how to launch a movement that has the power to creates a new culture, involves synergy, and promotes integration across cross sections of society. 

We are all witnesses and participants in this dramatic moment that’s shifting things in the direction of consciousness and presence. While the work you and your fellow ambassadors do will often be expressed individually, you will be exponentially more powerful operating in synergy with others. 

Barbara will teach you about the structure and protocols for developing and nurturing that synergy.


Celebration & Ambassador Launch

In this module, you will celebrate the end of the program and the beginning of the truly fulfilling work you’ll be doing in the days, weeks, months and years to come. 

You will review and celebrate what you and your fellow ambassadors have already been able to initiate and accomplish during the past 6 months, and you’ll all share your highest goals for where you’re going from here!

Monthly One-to-One Coaching
With Barbara & Our Expert Coaches

You will receive personalized One-to-One Coaching for one hour each month with one of our expert coaches who are well acquainted with Barbara’s teachings and apply it in their own professional and life practices. 

Working one-­to-­one with a coach will support your development and strength as an Evolutionary Ambassador and will help you to more quickly embody both your known and hidden genius. 

At least twice during the program, your monthly coaching session will be with Barbara herself, which alone is a $2,000 value.

During these One-to-One Coaching Sessions you will… 

  • Set personalized development goals for your vocation as an Evolutionary Ambassador that build on your strengths, your genius, and identify your growing edges and key areas of improvement
  • Apply your vision as an Ambassador to support a specific project, enhance your existing work, or build a new initiative that moves your life’s purpose towards an expanded level of impact
  • Receive and integrate feedback from your peers, coaches, and Barbara herself, to help keep you true to yourself and your mission
  • Reach quick and satisfying resolutions to any challenges you may be facing 
  • Receive new tools to help you respond more effectively to change, setbacks and new opportunities
  • Be challenged to take courageous, inspired, and loving action beyond your comfort zone

2 Deep-Immersion In-Person Retreats 
Sunrise Ranch, Colorado

The training includes two onsite retreats that will be held at the sacred and beautiful Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. These retreats are designed as immersion experiences that will give you direct in-person access to Barbara, the course facilitators, and your fellow ambassadors.

During the retreats, you will form deep, lasting bonds and build a strong support network with your evolutionary peers as you develop and practice synergistic ways of connecting and working together.   

The retreats will include a combination of meditation, embodied practices, experiential processes, mutual reflection, bonding, ritual and practical skills to set the foundation for you to courageously expand your influence in the world.

The retreats will build your skills and confidence in  many valuable areas, such as team building, social and political advocacy, conscious business, public speaking, and media relations. In particular, the second retreat will be a product of your design, working in synergy with your peers to create a mutually supportive experience that will be the basis for your individual and collective work as ambassadors upon completion of the training.

While the value of both retreats is easily over $10,000, the retreats, including your room and board, ARE FULLY INCLUDED in your program tuition.*

*Travel expenses to and from the retreats are NOT included.

Monthly LIVE Group-Mentoring Sessions with Barbara Marx Hubbard

During each of the 6 months of the Evolutionary Ambassador Training Program, you will be invited to participate in 90-minute LIVE Group-Mentoring Sessions with Barbara.

During these sessions, you’ll be able to interact with her face-to-face and ask her questions about any personal challenges or insights you are experiencing as you move through the program, and she’ll be able offer specific guidance to you on your individual path.

These LIVE sessions will happen on the Zoom online platform, allowing you to see Barbara and your fellow ambassadors, and talk directly to her, and she to you.


Learning Partners

As an extension of the monthly One-to-One Coaching Sessions, you will be placed with at least two other participants in a small learning group to engage in peer-to-peer coaching. 

This will develop your ability to be present to one another in a synergistic, non-judgmental way. Your learning partners will provide you with consistent support, give you the space to practice new skills and perfect your genius. 

They will also serve as mastermind partners, and help to build your confidence and clarity as an ambassador, in preparation for taking your work further out to the world. 

Weekly LIVE Integration Sessions

During each week of the training, immediately following the weekly 90-minute Module Sessions, you’ll be welcome to stay online with one of our facilitators and participate in an additional 30-minute discussion about what Barbara explored during the session. While these supplemental Integration Sessions are optional, they will give you and your fellow ambassadors an opportunity to further interact while you process and integrate all you’ve just received from Barbara during the Module Sessions. They promise to be a lively and connective experience. (Valued at $3,900)

Enjoy Exclusive Membership in Our
Private Facebook Community

We have created a private Facebook community group exclusively for the participants in the Evolutionary Ambassador Training Program. It will provide you with the opportunity to connect directly with other participants, sharing insights, engaging in discussions, and exchanging information about events and other activities that will complement your transformative journey. You’ll be able to share your wisdom, experiences, projects, intentions, documents, and stories of growth in the group throughout the program.

MP3 Audios of Each Module

Audio MP3s are a great way to experience the program when you are traveling, have bandwidth issues, or simply want to revisit them while you’re doing another activity. These audios will also be available via the Online Learning Portal.

The “Celebrating Homo Universalis 
 Bonus Video Collection
From the Gathering the New Species
In-Person Event from November 2018  
(Valued at $500)

You will receive access to the comprehensive Video Recordings from the Awakening the New Species in-person Event at Sunrise Ranch from November 2018.

Answering The Call
The Conscious Business 6-Week Program
(Valued at $950)


This self-paced 6-Module Digital Course offers a rare opportunity learn from leading-edge influencers in the emerging field of conscious business. They will share their best conscious practices and principles that can help you build your own prosperous business life.

 Lifetime Access to the Humanity’s Team 
“Living in Oneness” Digital Library of Programs
(Valued at $1,995)

Unprecedented Lifetime Access to Humanity’s Team “Living in Oneness” Digital Library of Programs going back over 15 years. These audio and video programs will help you take a deep dive into Oneness and give you countless hours of inspiration and fascinating content.


This Special Bonus will only be available to those who apply and complete their registration during or soon after the Celebrating Homo Universalis event at Sunrise Ranch, so you must Apply and Register by Tuesday, November 20th at midnight Pacific Time to be eligible to attend these special LIVE gatherings with Barbara.

LIVE In-Person Inner-Circle Gatherings
with Barbara Marx Hubbard

When you apply and register for the training by November 20th, 2018, you will receive the additional bonus of getting to spend the day with Barbara prior to the official start of each of the in-person retreats at Sunrise Ranch. These are tentatively scheduled for April and June 2019, and we’ll let you know as soon we have the dates set.

You’ll join Barbara at 11:00 am on the first day of the retreat and spend the day connecting and bonding as she helps you prepare to get the most out of the retreat and guides you through exercises that will help deepen your connection to her and your fellow Inner-Circle of ambassadors. The other ambassadors will then join you at 5pm Mountain Time for the official start of the retreat.

***Remember, to be a part of these exciting Gatherings, you must apply, register and make full payment by midnight on Tuesday, November 20th.


What You Will Receive in the Evolutionary Ambassador Training that Begins on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

  • 20 Video Modules over 26 Weeks with Barbara Marx Hubbard – 90 minutes each (Valued at $11,700)
  • Weekly LIVE Integration Sessions – 26 Weekly Integration Sessions following Each Weekly Module Session – 30 minutes each (Valued at $3,900)
  • 26 MP3 Audios from the Weekly Video Sessions (Valued at $582)
  • Monthly LIVE One-to-One Coaching Sessions with Barbara & Our Expert Coaches (Valued at $4,000)
  • Monthly LIVE Group-Mentoring Sessions with Barbara Marx Hubbard – 90 minutes each (Valued at $2,000)
  • Two Deep-Immersion In-Person Retreats at Sunrise Ranch (Valued at $10,000)
  • The “Celebrating Homo Universalis” Video Collection from the Gathering the New Species November 2018 In-Person Event (Valued at $500)
  • “Answering the Call” The Conscious Business 6-Week Digital Course (Valued at $950)
  • Lifetime Access to the Humanity’s Team “Living in Oneness” Programs (Valued at $2,000)
  • SPECIAL EVENT ONLY BONUS – LIVE, Inner-Circle Half-Day Gatherings with Barbara Marx Hubbard (Valued at $1,500)

Total Value: $37,132

Regular Tuition: $9,997

Early-Bird Registration Discount: -$1,000

Total Tuition $8,997


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Here’s what some of Barbara’s students have shared about their experience of working closely with her…

“As a student of Barbara’s teachings, I have experienced pure transmissions of the New Human coming through a living teacher. There are rare teachers who bring a living embodiment with them, who are coming from the field of the emerging future with a message and a light. Fewer still those who hold these keys for our new paradigm and are a global elder bringing through the essential understanding of conscious evolution. Barbara is one of those teachers.” 

“Words can hardly begin to describe the transformative power of the journey Barbara invited us on. It feels like home-coming and being in the midst of an exciting adventure. This sense of purpose, anticipation, awe, and wonder — I haven’t felt it so strongly since I was five. Who would have thought that the most exciting time in life comes on the other side of fifty?”

“I have, for the first time in my life, experienced a conscious and recurring emotional connection with other awakening human beings. I experience how Humanity increasingly connects in a shared resonant field, where we all care for one another and the universe we live in. This has also given me greater clarity and inspiration to pursue my Deepest Heart’s Desire—the purpose of my life.”

“I have had the great privilege of working with Barbara throughout this year, and it has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Barbara’s teachings are exactly what is needed to help take us to the next step of deeper evolution within Humankind.”

“Studying Barbara’s work with others who are crossing this threshold to becoming a new species is a gift that continues to unfold within me. Celebrating and recognizing our “newness” personally and in a worldwide community has energized every project, every vision and every co-creative relationship in joyful and remarkable ways. BIG projects are no longer daunting. I don’t have to do it alone!”

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to study with Barbara. The whole body of work that she has brought together resonates so powerfully and profoundly for me. It has deepened all my other work and perspectives.”

Working intimately with Barbara has brought a series of revelatory passages for both my mind and body. As a new human, my place in the world has expanded through an amplified attunement. The very scope of my being now encompasses the blossoming horizon of humanity. I am a human as evolution sees me, experiences me. Embodied realization is replacing old standards. Through me, original life is being unleashed anew to discover its apex…I am evolution.”

Here’s what other luminaries have to say about Barbara Marx Hubbard…

“Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the truly great visionaries of our time. Breathtaking in scope and stunning in insight, Barbara is providing a blueprint for the reconstruction of human reality so bold and yet so completely right, as to ignite the deepest sense within us that we can, and we must, join in this co-creation now.”
Neale Donald Walsch

“Barbara Marx Hubbard has become the voice for conscious evolution in our times.”
Deepak Chopra

“Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of America’s brightest lights. She makes this very complicated moment in history seem like a glorious opportunity. She gives guidance, and she gives hope.”
Marianne Williamson

“There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society – is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.”
Buckminster Fuller


About Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a futurist, speaker, spiritual teacher, and bestselling author who has been called “The voice for conscious evolution of our time,” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s book, The Mother of Invention. A prolific writer, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Her own books include Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential, Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence, and The Evolutionary Journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Barbara will have live stream video sessions on Zoom so that you can connect live, ask questions and deepen your experience about any personal challenges or insights you are experiencing as you move through the program, and she’ll be able offer specific guidance to you on your individual path.

Zoom makes it easy to connect from comfort of your home and has the feel of an in-person event. You will need a computer, mobile device or telephone. There is no cost to connect to Zoom; however, please note that by dialing into Zoom from your phone (as opposed to joining the session via the computer link, you may incur charges from your telephone service provider based on your long-distance calling plan. International access numbers are available.

A: Yes, you can playback the videos, audios or download the recordings of both the Program Sessions and the live Group Sessions after they occur, and you’ll still receive the full benefit from the teachings. And you can engage with your fellow students anytime on our private Facebook page to discuss any aspect of what  has been shared in the sessions.

Audio MP3s are a great way to experience the program when you are traveling, have bandwidth issues, or simply want to revisit them while you’re doing another activity. These audios will also be available via the Online Learning Portal.

A: We have a private Facebook community group for all program participants that will provide you the opportunity to make connections with others, share insights, participate in discussions and exchange information about events and other activities that will complement your metamorphic journey. You’ll have the capacity to contribute your intentions, wisdom, experiences, projects, and growth there throughout the program.

A: We are so confident that this program will be enriching, rewarding and lots of fun that we offer a full (100%) refund if for any reason you choose to withdraw from the program within the first 14 days from the date the first Module is available (January 29th, 2019) or your purchase date, whichever is later. Your refund will be processed unconditionally, and we’ll send you an email confirming your refund. If you do not hear from us after you send your request, please write to us again.

If you have any questions about our refund policy or wish to withdraw and request a refund, please notify our Support Team by email at [email protected] To request a refund, please include “Deep Self Evolution Refund Please” in the Subject Line. We also hope you’ll share with us your reasons for wishing to withdraw.

Optimally we would love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first, so if there is something we can assist you with, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help.

No refund requests can be accepted 1) more than 14 days after January 29th, 2019 (or your date of purchase), or 2) for scholarship awards.

A. When you register for the Evolutionary Ambassador program, you will receive occasional emails from Humanity’s Team and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Foundation for Conscious Evolution.