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“The Science of Self-Empowerment” Program,
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xxIn it, Bruce explores the “reality” that the physical world around us is simply an illusion created by our collective consciousness, and our entire Universe exists as a malleable mass of energy that you can tune in to and guide to progressive and positive outcomes with your own individual consciousness on scales both small and large.

xxHe focuses on the way all organisms read and respond to changes in energy, and in particular how the human heart is the organ in our bodies that is most tuned into those energetic shifts.

xxHe also shares a simple technique that utilizes your heart’s ability to read and interpret the energy around you that you can use to help you make decisions.

A Life-Changing Opportunity to Join Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and HeartMath Leaders Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman for this 8-Week Online Masters Program, including 3 LIVE Mentoring Sessions with Gregg, Bruce, Howard and Deborah


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The Science of Self-Empowerment

Cellular Consciousness, Heart Intelligence,
and the Untold Human Story

Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton Ph.D., and HeartMath Leaders

Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman

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