A 24-Video Masters Program
Created by the Author of Conversations with God
Neale Donald Walsch & Humanity’s Team


Discover a Whole New Way to Experience Your Life in Alignment with the Divine

Between the challenges that arise in your own life and all the suffering present in our complicated modern world, it can often be hard to have faith that God is real…

And in spite of the spiritual work you’ve done, you may still be struggling to feel a deeper sense of connection with the Divine in your day-to-day experience.

This “hole” in your life can lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness and uncertainty, and can even cause you to be fearful about what is going to happen to you and the people you care about.  

It can also leave you feeling like there’s nothing and no one you can truly trust, making it difficult to develop the kinds of deeply fulfilling relationships that make life worthwhile.

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The truth is that your Oneness with God should be something nurturing and uplifting that you experience in every moment of your day, with no sense of anxiety or struggle.

It should be a relationship that supplies you with the kind of comfort and guidance that allows you to face every challenge that your life or the world presents to you with calm confidence and a profound spiritual joy.

If this is the kind of life you want to live, then you are in the right place, because this is the very reason Humanity’s Team has come together with bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch to create a Masters Program called Our Final Frontier: A Journey to Mastery in Living.

Is Neale’s Masters Program right for you?

If you are a committed spiritual seeker who longs to live every single day in the flow of Divine essence and love, and want to know that this “thing” called God is real and that you truly are One with the Divine — not just conceptually but in an active and embodied way…

Then in this transformative Masters Program, Neale will show you how to open up to a relationship with the Divine that will quite literally change your whole perspective on your life, your purpose, your personal capacities, and your destiny.

You’ll release common perceptions about reality that are untrue, limiting and dis-empowering…

You’ll claim the healing and empowering place that waits for you within the energy of the Divine…

You’ll awaken your deeper capacity for self-love, empathy and compassion…

You’ll discover the renewed self-confidence that comes from making decisions that are true and healthy for your body and your soul…

You’ll journey into new understandings and develop new capacities you didn’t even know you had access to… 

You’ll create alignment with new and deeper truths that are real for you, allowing you to surface new paradigms for your life, humanity and the Earth…

And a whole new life will open up for you.

Neale’s teachings have changed the world… 

Many credit Neale Donald Walsch with bringing the truth about God out into the world. Before Neale published the first Conversations with God book in 1995, most people believed God and heaven were only up in the sky somewhere, hell was a place somewhere beneath the Earth, and other people were completely separate from ourselves and essentially unworthy of our trust.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then.

Thanks to Neale and his 10-book Conversations with God series, there is now a much greater awareness in the world that God is connected to everything and separate from nothing. Heaven is of our own creation, and there are universal laws that support our creation process, and ultimately our destiny.

Neale’s first book caused a bit of an uproar and turned the world on its head.

The Conversations with God teachings tell us we are never alone, and that we are One with God and all Life in every moment we live.

They tell us we have unlimited potential, and that there is no upper limit to our creating capacity.

The teachings tell us we are eternal and that the essence of what we are can never die.

They tell us we are Divine with an essence of pure love, and that life’s true purpose is self-realization, where we become who we know ourselves to be.

During Neale’s Our Final Frontier 24-Video Masters Program, he will share with you his day-to-day approach to applying the 24 most important messages from all 10 books in the Conversations with God series. 

Then he’ll show you how to use this same approach in your own life to help you tap into the wellspring of energy and guidance available to you in every moment through your own deep connection to the Divine.

Learning to truly experience and honor that connection can transform every area of your life — from your health and your relationships to your prosperity and your career…

And it can allow you to move toward a level of mastery in the art of living that you probably don’t even realize is possible.

These excerpts from Conversations with God: Book 1 contain just a few of the many profound ideas God shared with Neale that you will be exploring in depth with Neale during the Our Final Frontier 8-Part Program:

“The fact that you are made in the likeness and image of God does not mean that God is like you but that you are like God. It means you are not a being, not a physical form, at all, but you can take the form of a physical being whenever you wish. It means you are Pure Energy, with the power of Creation, expressing as the source of Infinite Wisdom and Unconditional Love.  It means you are not your body, but the Essence that surrounds your body and creates it. It means you are Life Itself.”

“You are a beautiful being, growing and evolving.  As I have said many times before in our conversations:  If you saw yourself as God sees you, you would smile a lot.

When you have awakened yourself, you will know, at last, what your purpose is, what your reason for being alive is, what the reason for all of life is.  Then you can decide to express and experience that. And this will help and encourage others around you to work on themselves in the same way.”

“You will know the power and the glory of being Divine through the freedom and the will to be Divine. This is Divinity expressed, not simply bestowed.  This is Godliness experienced, and that has been my purpose in creating life itself. Therefore, judge not and neither condemn, but be a light unto the darkness, that you might announce and declare, express and fulfill, know and experience Who You Really Are and that all others whose lives you touch might know who they really are as well, by the power of your example. Is this not what all masters have done? It is because they live in the knowing that they have nothing to lose by being good and kind and caring and compassionate and unselfish and giving and accepting and unconditionally loving in every instant of every moment of every circumstance or situation.”

“You are goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding. You are peace and joy and light.  You are forgiveness and patience, strength and courage, a helper in time of need, a comforter in time of sorrow, a healer in time of injury, a teacher in times of confusion.  You are the deepest wisdom and the highest truth, the greatest peace and the grandest love. You are these things. And in moments of your life, you have known yourself to be these things.  Choose now to know yourself as these things always.

“Teach your children that they need nothing exterior to themselves to be happy, and true happiness is found within. Teach them that they are sufficient unto themselves. Teach them that failure is a fiction. Teach your children that they are deeply connected to all of Life, they are One with all people and that they are never separate from God.  Teach your children that they live in a world of magnificent abundance, that there is enough for everyone, and that it is in sharing the most, not in gathering the most, that the most is received. Teach your children that there is nothing they are required to be or do to be eligible for a life of dignity and fulfillment that they need not compete with anyone for anything, and that God’s blessing is meant for everyone.  Teach your children that they will never be judged, that they need not worry about always getting it right, and that they do not have to change anything or ‘get better’ to be seen as perfect and beautiful in the eyes of God.”

“The Third Invitation is about how one’s individual life is going, the way it is feeling, and what is presenting as its next manifestation.You can be a transformed Self if you accept the invitation to awaken the species because it is just as I said at the outset:  The fastest way to awaken the Self is to awaken another. When you start focusing on this, you will realize that you already are awake—and this will make all the difference. It will change the way you think, the way you speak, the way you act, and the way you choose to be in every moment and situation.”

In Neale’s 24-Video Masters Program, Our Final Frontier: A Journey to Mastery in Living, you will discover how to…

Inside the program, Neale will guide you through the process he created in his own life for embodying the messages of Conversations with God.  

He will teach you the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to awaken the extraordinary capacities that are your birthright in the Divine.  

You will re-member Who You Really Are, your purpose for being on the Earth, and your potential to heal, manifest and thrive in even the most challenging environments.

Neale’s journey with God began as a conversation. This led to companionship, and eventually progressed to a deeper communion with God. And then, finally, Neale’s relationship and work with God turned to acts of creation. During each video of the Our Final Frontier program, Neale will share the process he uses himself for understanding and trying to fully embody the messages he has received from God.  He will also show you how to use specific practices, tools and principles that will help you further explore this final frontier and live more of the moments of your life as your most authentic and empowered Self.

A Personal Note from Neale Donald Walsch

There are certain questions I’ve been asked more often than any others at speaking events and workshops over the years. Again and again people have come up to me wanting to know: “Can I have my own conversations with God?” And… “How can I make these messages work in my life? How did you do it?” 

The urgency of these repeated inquiries is what inspired me to create the Our Final Frontier program, so I could sit down with you and share my own personal, day-to-day experience of what it has meant to receive and to work with the Conversations with God material.

Everyone who knows me is aware that I am in no way spiritually “elevated.” I’m an ordinary person, just like you, facing my own challenges, dealing with my own foibles, and confronting my own doubts and fears, hopes and desires. Yet this much is true. My whole life has turned around and become better than I ever could have imagined, and it’s all because I’ve applied the messages found in Conversations with God in my everyday life. 

In my Our Final Frontier program, I’ll share with you the specific information in those messages I’ve found to be most powerful, most useful, and most life-changing, Then I’ll explain in detail exactly how I’ve applied that information in my life, so you can use it in your life, as well, if you feel it could be of benefit to you.

I believe you can significantly shorten your own path to spiritual expansion and positive life-change by hearing directly from me about my challenges and how I overcame them by applying the 24 specific Conversations with God  messages I’m going to share with you over our time together. 

And while embarking on this journey with me will require a certain amount of your time and resources… that is deliberate, as it’s been my consistent observation that this kind of personal commitment and investment can hold the key to how rapidly we move through the process of our evolution. 

I believe the messages in Conversations with God, and the transformation that is possible when we apply them in our everyday lives, to be the final frontier for humanity.

Once we, as a species, can fully embrace the deep truths about God and about ourselves, we will have erased our final misunderstandings about Life and about The Divine. And we’ll at last be able to embark on the journey to Mastery in Living, which is the awaiting and rightful inheritance of every sentient being.

I wish you blessings and hope you’ll decide to join me on this journey.



Our Final Frontier:
A Journey to Mastery in Living

with Neale Donald Walsch 

Most of us are so close to being able to create the life we’ve always dreamed of that we need only take a few final steps to cross the threshold into a way of living that will make that new life possible. 

The core of your experience in Neale’s Our Final Frontier Masters Program will be the 3 “Sharings” (in 8 weekly Parts for a total of 24 Videos) you’ll participate in with Neale each and every week, where he’ll invite you to join him by the fireplace in his home as he’ll take a deeper dive with you into each of the 24 most-important messages of Conversations with God and how he applies them each and every day to move closer and closer to humanity’s evolutionary edge. 

Through these personal sharings, it will become clear that the tools of Conversations with God are not meant for only spiritual “masters” but can be used with powerful effectiveness by ordinary people to achieve wonderful spiritual expansion and very real personal growth…  

And as Neale is always quick to remind us, he is just an ordinary human being himself, and anything he can do, you can do, too!  

What You Will Receive in the Program


Video Sharing #1: Really Know God. In this video, Neale will share exactly how to know God is speaking to you in every single moment of your day, and how to tune in to the guidance and comfort that connection has to offer you.

Video Sharing #2: Hear God in Your Daily Experience. In this video, Neale will share how you can hear and see God communicating directly to you in the experiences that unfold in your life.

Video Sharing #3: Know Who You Really Are. In this video, Neale will share how, by focusing on who you really are—Part of God—you can move closer to being able to embody that awareness in your thoughts and actions, where you’ll have full access to God’s creative and healing power. 


Video Sharing #4: Activate God’s Power. In this video, Neale will share how to activate God’s power by holding God close, going within, thanking God in advance, and using that connection to generate real abundance, happiness, and other beneficial outcomes in your life.

Video Sharing #5: Turn Anger, Fear, Doubt and Pain into Love. In this video, Neale will share how you can shift unwanted or unproductive feelings like anger, fear, doubt and pain into love and compassion.

Video Sharing #6: Be Clear About the Purpose of Life. In this video, Neale will share how you can embrace the fact that “Life isn’t a process of discovery, it’s a process of creation,” allowing you to consciously choose whatever you wish to create in your life to explore and learn from.


Video Sharing #7: Self Realize. In this video, Neale will share how by dedicating your whole mind, body and soul to the process and consciously and passionately creating who and what you are with a purpose, you can experience the great joy of self-realization that will define the rest of your life.

Video Sharing #8: Create Friendship with God. In this video, Neale will share how you can actually create an important, meaningful, close and ongoing friendship with God by moving beyond your “fearship” with God.

Video Sharing #9: Create Communion with God. In this video, Neale will share how you can truly commune with God and experience life “on Earth as it is in Heaven” by stepping into a state of unification with God, with others, and with every living thing.


Video Sharing #10: Ask the Fundamental Questions. In this video, Neale will share how the most important inquiries of life invite a powerful process of self-examination that will allow you to be able to listen only to your heart when you make decisions and not let other people or organizations exert influence over what do.

Video Sharing #11: Know the Great Secret. In this video, Neale will share more about one of the most profound secrets from Conversations with God, that happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions, but rather certain conditions are created as a result of Happiness.

Video Sharing #12: Live Consciously in a Contextual Field. In this video, Neale will share how you can make your life a breathtaking experience of the most glorious idea that that you’ve ever had about yourself, through deliberately living within a Contextual Field.


Video Sharing #13: Embrace Failure. In this video, Neale will share a technique that will help you to embrace “failure” lovingly instead of condemning it and making it “wrong” or “bad,” which will allow you to see the gifts every failure offers to help you grow.

Video Sharing #14: Follow the Impulse of Your Soul. In this video, Neale will share how you can become aware of the deep impulses of your soul (the local expression of God’s desire) in every moment, radically improving the conditions in your day-to-day life.

Video Sharing #15: Choose a State of Consciousness in Advance. In this video, Neale will share how you can deliberately and intentionally choose, in advance, a particular state of being from which to express your thoughts, words or actions, no matter how challenging your circumstances are in any given moment.


Video Sharing #16: There is Enough. In this video, Neale will share how you can shift from being The Seeker in your life to being The Source — the Source of Love, Abundance, Health, Happiness, Wisdom, Compassion, Understanding, or any other experience you wish to have — and you’ll find that what you give to others not only feeds you, but comes back to you, as well.

Video Sharing #17: Live into the Unity of All Life. In this video, Neale will share how pain and disappointment will vanish from your life when you fully step into an experience of Oneness — the ecstatic reunification with All That is — allowing you to remain focused on that which is Life-Enhancing, Life-Supporting and Life-Sustaining, and release that which is self-destructive.

Video Sharing #18: Speak Your Truth All The Time. In this video, Neale will share how you can experience the profound power and peace that comes from using the Five Levels of Truth-Telling when you interact with others, allowing you to communicate more deeply and clearly than ever before.


Video Sharing #19: Harness the Power of Metaphysics. In this video, Neale will share how you can harness the power of metaphysics in your life by paying more attention to the energetic vibration of everything you wear, watch, read, or listen to, and most importantly, of everything that you think, say and do.

Video Sharing #20: Shift to Positive Thoughts. In this video, Neale will share a technique that will allow you to keep a negative thought that passes through your mind from manifesting in your reality by instantly focusing on a new, more powerful positive thought in a very specific way.

Video Sharing #21: Never Fear or Mourn Your Own Death or the Death of Another. In this video, Neale will share the secret to looking at the Universe and your place in it that will lead you to an understanding of life and of death that will take away your fear of dying and any reason to ever mourn another’s passing.


Video Sharing #22: Love Yourself and Others Fully Just as They Are. In this video, Neale will share a technique for deeply loving yourself exactly as the person you are, with all your flaws and mistakes, that will also allow you to love others just as you love yourself — even your enemies or those who curse you.

Video Sharing #23: There’s More Going On Here Than Meets the Eye. In this video, Neale will share the single most impactful message from Conversations with God that can transform your entire life and lead to extraordinary experiences of exhilaration that will make you want to jump out of bed every morning, eager to experience whatever the day has in store.

Video Sharing #24: Awaken the Species. In this video, Neale will share more about how you can further express your Divinity when you accept “The Third Invitation” by coming together with others who are committed to the evolution of humanity and the planet, and want to help create health and wellbeing for all manner of life on the Earth.

Archived Group Mentoring Sessions With Neale

During the 8 parts of the Our Final Frontier Masters Program, you will have access to recordings of three 60-minute Mentoring Sessions that Neale facilitated during the previous live version of this program. These kinds of sessions are Neale’s favorite part of his online programs, where he had the opportunity to interact with participants face-to-face and offer specific guidance on each person’s individual path. The recordings of these Group-Mentoring Sessions will give you a deeper perspective on Neale’s guidance during the various stages of your journey.

Enjoy Exclusive Membership in Our Private Facebook Community

We have a private Facebook community group for all program participants that will provide you with the opportunity to make connections with others, share insights, participate in discussions, and exchange information about events and other activities that will complement your metamorphic journey. You’ll have the capacity to contribute your intentions, wisdom, experiences, projects, and growth there throughout the program.

PDF Transcripts of Each Sharing

The transcripts are an excellent resource for reviewing Our Final Frontier. Transcripts will be available via the Online Learning Portal.

MP3 Audios of Each Sharing

Audio MP3s are a great way to listen to the Sharings when you are traveling or have bandwidth issues. These will also be available via the Online Learning Portal.

The Our Final Frontier Bonus Collection

In addition to Neale’s transformative 24-Video Online Masters Program, you’ll also receive these valuable bonuses:

BONUS #1 - When Everything Changes: Neale’s 1-Day Audio Intensive (Valued at $397)

Neale looked deeply into the Conversations with God material to see what wisdom it could bring us during this time of enormous personal and global upheaval. From that search came the development of an extraordinary process that he believes can be very helpful to many people. He calls it “The Change Process,” and from that emerged his book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything

It’s about how to apply the wonderful messages of Conversations with God during this time of huge shifts in so many aspects of our lives and in the world. 

Neale also produced a series of One-Day Spiritual Renewal Retreats to work with people individually to help them integrate this process. One of those One-Day Retreats took place in Los Angeles, and the results were, quite literally, amazing. 

This downloadable audio contains more than 7 hours of transformative teachings from Neale.

Praying by the water 6x4

BONUS #2 - The Conscious Business Declaration: Global Standards for Flourishing Business - Video Course with Steve Farrell, Worldwide Executive Director, Humanity’s Team (Valued at $197)

This unique course was designed specifically for entrepreneurs and other business owners who want to be successful in what they offer or provide to customers and clients, but also want to do so in a connective, sustainable and enlightened way. The course was developed by Humanity’s Team and Conscious Business Innerprise, and it has helped countless businesses move from struggling to flourishing by aligning with what’s best for all of us and for future generations, as well as for the planet we all share. 

In these powerful and informative videos, you will discover…

  • The unprecedented value proposition inherent in the “third wave” of conscious business
  • How businesses aligned with Oneness create prosperity on many levels and for all
  • The four Ps that are foundational in every conscious business: People, Planet, Profit, and Presence
  • How conscious businesses are going beyond B Corp/B Lab to transform the world of commerce
  • Why the Conscious Business Declaration is seen as a new standard of doing business for the 21st Century

BONUS #3 - Awaken The New Species In You, with Barbara Marx Hubbard & Lynne McTaggart - Audio Class (Valued at $197)

In this 90-minute audio class, visionaries Barbara Marx Hubbard and Lynne McTaggart share our “collective next beginning” as a species.

Get turned on to your greater impulse and grow up into your greatest expression.

Experience vocational arousal and connect with others who need what you have to give.

Positively evolve our world by helping to solve existing problems and envision emerging potential. An incredible intention experience with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Lynne McTaggart.

Topics Include:
  • Lynne’s Power of Eight book intention experiments

  • The Psychic Internet uncovered

  • Healing and connectivity across time and space

  • Reawakening the Species
  • Scientism and the spell of forgetfulness

  • Code 10: Use the Protective Balm of Your Whole Being to Protect Your Nervous System from Negative Thoughts

*** When you register in the next 24 hours, you’ll receive this powerful Teleclass Series with Neale as a Special Bonus:

LIMITED-TIME BONUS EXTENDED – Listen to Neale Speak The Messages Acclaimed Teleclass Series where Neale explains the Conversations with God concepts more clearly than ever before (Valued at $397).

Over a period of several years, Neale recorded his personal interpretation and deepest understandings of the Conversations with God material as part of a series of teleclasses offered to readers of Conversations with God.  We have now “bundled” all of these recordings into a unique collection of audio programs in which Neale dissects and describes the marvelous and life-changing messages of his extraordinary dialogue with the Divine in new and fresh ways in response to requests from readers around the world.  

Listen online and download to your computer or device to listen anywhere. These files will give you amazing moments of new insights into Oneness on your computer, or you can take them with you and listen on any device or smartphone.

This collection includes 11 powerful and inspiring audio recordings:

Being Truly Present – How to Live Truly in the Moment

Letting Go of Your Ego – Living a More Fulfilled LIfe

Being Fearless – Embracing More of What Life has to Offer

Unspoken Secret of the Law of Attraction – How to Draw Your Desires to You

Creating and Running a Conversations with God-Based Business – Putting Spirituality into Your Wallet

How to Stay in Your Heartspace – How to be Heart Centered in the Most Difficult Times of your Life

Financial Prosperity and Physical Abundance – A Personal Fulfillment Class

Happier than God  – A Guide to Spiritual Fulfillment

Creating Your Right Livelihood – How Your Work can Satisfy the Agenda of Your Soul

True Love and Conversations with God – When Heart and Soul Meet

Home with God – What Happens in a Life that Never Ends


Plus two exclusive bonus audios:

Creating Your Own Reality – Using the Source of All Creative Power

How to Have Your Own Conversation with God – How to Personally Connect with the Divine

***JUST ADDED*** NEW BONUS – Conversations with God In a Nutshell eBook & Interview Series with Neale Donald Walsch & Steve Farrell (Valued at $197). Offer Expires in 24 hours.

This new bonus consists of Neale’s eBook, Conversations with God in a Nutshell: A Pocket Guide to the Dialogue focusing on the most important messages God shared with Neale over the course of the first nine Conversations with God books, and an Interview Series where Neale and Steve Farrell explore the book in greater depth. Many who have read the eBook and listened to the Interview Series have shared with us that together they provide one of the most concise, compelling and engaging experiences with Neale they’ve ever had… Which is why we’ve decided to add both the Conversations with God in a Nutshell eBook and Interview Series in as a Special Bonus to the Our Final Frontier Masters Program, to give you additional teaching from Neale that you’ll be able to download to your computer or smart device and revisit for years to come!

How Your Life Will Change in Only 8 Weeks

  • You will be able to follow your Soul’s Calling, in touch with your most deeply held values. You’ll jump out of bed each day and skip to work, because your heart and life are in alignment and there is no more struggle. Once you come into alignment with your authentic self, things fall into place and you are able to live in integrity the life you’ve always wanted to live.
  • You will draw prosperity into your life in every form, from health and financial wellbeing, to everyday joy and fulfillment in your work and in your relationships with your family, your friends, your partner, and those who surround you at work and in your community. When you live as Who You Really Are, the treasure in life opens up to you.
  • You will feel Love, Empathy and Compassion.  As you open to Who You Really Are, you will be more in touch with your True Essence (and you’ll be able to see the True Essence of others). God is Love, and you will know yourself to be this.
  • You will establish new, healthy patterns in your life, making time for meditation, prayer, stillness, mindfulness and nature. Only when you are outside of the rhythm of life do you fall into imbalance, scarcity-thinking and chaos.  You will leave these things behind when you commune with the Divine within and life around you.
  • You will access Real Freedom, Liberty and Peace. You will naturally experience this presence when your soul feels its Divine connection deeply and knows it is aligned with the Infinite and Eternal.
  • You will unleash Creativity and Genius because you and the Divine will be as One. When you are as One with the Divine, you can access creativity and genius from across the entire Universe. Truly, God’s mind will become available to you. This is especially true when you make your will God’s will. “Let God and let go” and get out of the way. 

What You Will Receive

  • 24 Recorded Video Sessions with Neale Donald Walsch (Valued at $397)
  • 24 PDF Transcripts of the Program Sessions (Valued at $97)
  • 24 Recorded MP3 Audios (Valued at $97)
  • Recordings of three 60-minute Mentoring Sessions that Neale facilitated during the previous live version of this program
  • Exclusive Membership in Our Private Facebook Community (priceless)

Plus the Our Final Frontier Bonus Collection:

  • Bonus #1: When Everything Changes: Neale’s 1-Day Audio Intensive (Valued at $397)
  • Bonus #2: The Conscious Business Declaration Video Course, with Steve Farrell (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus #3: Awaken The New Species Within You, with Barbara Marx Hubbard & Lynne McTaggart (Valued at $197)
  • LIMITED-TIME BONUS: “Listen to Neale Speak The Messages” The Acclaimed Teleclass Series where Neale explains the Conversations with God concepts more clearly than ever before (Valued at $397)
  • Conversations with God in a Nutshell eBook and a series of 5 interviews (Valued at $197)

Total Value: $1,976

Retail Price: $997

Special Discounted Price: $297

A Life-Changing Opportunity to Join Neale Donald Walsch for his Our Final Frontier 8-Part Online Masters Program

In this exclusive online program, Neale Donald Walsch will be sharing his personal daily approach to embodying the Conversations with God teachings in every area of his life. If you want to make a positive and transformative impact on your own life, Neale will give you tools that will enable you to tap into your own ability to deeply connect with your soul, expand your mind, and truly trust your inner wisdom. You will feel more connected to yourself, to the world beyond you, and to God. Neale’s New Masters Program is indeed a gift to your soul!

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What Others Have To Say About Neale Donald Walsch…

“Neale Donald Walsch not only receives the words of God, and writes them down so we can really know them, he applies them, he embodies them he learns them personally.  These words guide his life and inspire his teaching. He awakens in the soul of all of us who hear in him a sense of hope, brilliance, and understanding of the nature of God in our lives. Besides he is the best friend, one could have and is super lovable!!!”  ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard, celebrated spiritual teacher and speaker

“Neale Donald Walsch’s The Final Frontier teaches us how to directly awaken the innate freedom of our innermost being through actualizing universal truth principles and practices in all aspects of our lives. This program is a gift to all sentient beings.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center


“Neale Donald Walsch represents a pure vehicle for Divine wisdom and creative intelligence to flow into this world. Connecting to that flow of wisdom and energy allows for your expansion and evolution to gain momentum and support your realization. What Neale offers the world is a great blessing.” ~ Panache Desai, renowned spiritual teacher

“I’ve had the privilege of calling Neale a close friend for many years now, and here’s what I have to say about him: Neale is perhaps the most dedicated transformation teacher I have ever met. His sight is forever set on the conscious evolution we are now experiencing in many ways, and this program is no exception. Our Final Frontier is a call to each one of us that the moment is upon us and the choice is clear – are we going to continue choosing fear or once and for all break free into the unlimited boundaries of love? I believe this program is a step in that direction and I highly recommend it.” ~ James Twyman, New York Times bestselling author and Peace Troubadour

About Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger who has published 33 books in the past 20 years, including the Conversations with God series, which have been translated into 37 languages and read by millions.

He has lectured on every continent and facilitated extended personal renewal retreats across the globe, creating, as well, both short-form and year-long online programs, with every outreach designed to assist people in applying a revolutionary spiritual approach to life that he has termed “beingism,” arising out of the messages of Conversations with God.

Neale’s newest book, 2017’s Conversations with God, Book 4: Awaken the Species describes a whole new way of being human, that can instantly improve individual lives and could change the world in less than a generation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We have a private Facebook community group for all program participants that will provide you the opportunity to make connections with others, share insights, participate in discussions and exchange information about events and other activities that will complement your metamorphic journey. You’ll have the capacity to contribute your intentions, wisdom, experiences, projects, and growth there throughout the program.

A: We are so confident that this program will be enriching, rewarding and lots of fun that we offer a full (100%) refund if for any reason you choose to withdraw from the program within the first 14 days from the date the first Video is available. Your refund will be processed unconditionally, and we’ll send you an email confirming your refund. If you do not hear from us after you send your request, please write to us again.

If you have any questions about our refund policy or wish to withdraw and request a refund, please notify our Support Team by email at [email protected] To request a refund, please include “Our Final Frontier Refund Please” in the Subject Line. We also hope you’ll share with us your reasons for wishing to withdraw.

Optimally we would love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first, so if there is something we can assist you with, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to help.

No refund requests can be accepted 1) more than 14 days after the course start date, or 2) for scholarship awards.

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