A FREE Online Event Series Featuring
Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, & HearthMath
Leaders Howard Martin & Deborah Rozman

***If you’re unable to join us for the live broadcast of the event, you will receive a link to the recording afterward, allowing you to listen whenever you have time.***

Details for Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman’s FREE Online Event:

“Tapping Into The True Intelligence of Your Heart: Your Most Powerful Tool For Self-Improvement”

with HeartMath Leaders Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman

Thursday, April 18th
5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern

In the evolution of humanity, a Global Shift in consciousness is underway, and more and more people are discovering that this shift involves a deeper connection with the wisdom of their own heart.

This growing movement involves learning how to access the profound inner guidance available to you through your Heart’s Intelligence to help you make decisions and address any challenges that arise, so you can live a healthier, more fulfilling and empowered life.

Modern science has only recently discovered that our physical heart is more than a cardiovascular organ, and that it is actually an important information-processing center within the body.

Further research has also proven that when the communication between your heart, brain and body become synchronized, you are capable of entering and sustaining a balanced and healthy high-performance state of being that allows you to access the very best of who you are and what you can be.

In this engaging webinar with Heartmath leaders Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman, you’ll find out all about this New Science of the heart and how it can transform your life in every way and allow you have greater influence over yourself and the world around you, as well as what is truly possible for you and for humanity as a whole.

They will also share how these new discoveries have impacted their own lives, and show you a simple technique that will allow you to access this deeper intelligence anytime you wish.

In this Free, 60-Minute Online Webinar, you will discover how to…

When you join Howard and Deborah for this mind-expanding hour, you’ll also be among the first to hear about a program featuring them and the other globally respected pioneers in our series, where they’ll be further bridging the fields of cellular consciousness, heart intelligence, spirituality, and human potential.

“Tapping Into The True Intelligence of Your Heart: Your Most Powerful Tool For Self-Improvement”

Accelerating Your Evolution Through Science

Leading-Edge Discoveries That Will Improve Every Area Your Life (and the World)

Recent scientific research has led to two game-changing discoveries.

The first is that we are much more connected to the Earth and the other lifeforms around us than most of us ever realized.

The second is that we all have access to powerful, almost limitless capabilities beyond anything we’ve imagined.

To introduce you to the most recent revelations from the front lines of that research, we are about to hold 3 FREE Online Events that will each explore a separate aspect of this empowering New Science:

FREE Online Event: “Tapping Into The True Intelligence of Your Heart: Your Most Powerful Tool For Self-Improvement” with HeartMath Leaders Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman

FREE Online Event: “Awakening Your Power to Self-Regulate Longevity, Deep Intuition, Resilience and Healing: New Discoveries That Empower Your Body and Your Life” with Bestselling Author, Scientist & Visionary Gregg Braden

FREE Online Event: “The Consciousness of Your Cells: Transforming Yourself & The World From The Inside Out” with Bestselling Author & Biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

Here’s what People are Saying about HeartMath

“The overall spiritual energy, and heart/brain as well as interpersonal and group coherence in particular, that I experienced was nothing short of astounding and impacted my life, and path, in a very profound way. I look forward to continuing to follow your work, and seeing you again at other events. ” ~ Jim E.​

“Heartmath - What an amazing experience, connecting on a soul level with like-minded individuals. A brilliant reminder of how powerful our hearts and energies are so impactful. A big thank you to the HeartMath staff for sharing your loving energy with us! ” ~ Suzie​

“I am sold on all that Heart Math's leaders are doing to spread the word, show us valuable techniques and inspire us to tap into the potential we have by aligning as conscious humans. I was very, very glad I attended. I made new friends from all over the world that I will never forget. ” ~ Janey​

“Awakening the global heart starts by awakening my own heart intelligence. The tools and techniques of HeartMath are as simple and effective. In this event I got a deep understanding of the intelligence of our heart, how to access to this intelligence and how to live from the heart, together with other people. It changed my life. Thank you HeartMath!” ~ Brandon​

About Deborah Rozman

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., President and Co-CEO

Deborah Rozman has over thirty years of experience as a business executive, serial entrepreneur, psychologist, author, and educator. She has been involved with HeartMath since its inception, first as founding executive director of the non-profit HeartMath Institute , then as executive vice president of HeartMath LLC, and for the past decade as founding director, President and CEO of Quantum Intech Inc. (dba HeartMath Inc) and more recently of HeartMath LLC.

Prior to her work at HeartMath she was EVP of Biogenics, Inc., a biotech firm, from 1981 to 1987 and managed 90 employees through the company’s rapid growth, going from $3 million in sales to $17 million in nine months.

She is also co-author with Doc Childre of HeartMath’s Transforming Series: Transforming Stress, Transforming Anger, Transforming Anxiety and Transforming Depression, and is a key spokesperson on HeartMath, heart intelligence, managing stress in these changing times and heart-based living.

About Howard Martin

Howard Martin, EVP, Strategic Development

Howard Martin brings more than thirty years of experience in business and personal development to the position of Executive Vice President, Strategic Development. Howard’s responsibilities include global alliances, marketing, and program and product development. Howard has been instrumental in assisting Doc Childre in the development and teaching of HeartMath’s programs since its inception. He speaks internationally on the HeartMath approach to advancing human performance that is based on compelling scientific research linking heart function with health, emotional well-being and intelligence.

Howard is co-author with Doc Childre of The HeartMath Solution, published in 2000 by Harper San Francisco. He also developed Nightingale-Conant’s tape series, “The HeartMath Method.” Howard is a dynamic speaker, and has delivered hundreds of workshops and keynote addresses to audiences ranging from corporations, to the armed forces, to educators, families, and human service providers. As a key spokesperson for HeartMath, he has conducted hundreds of media interviews. His appearances include CNN Headline News, U.P.I. Radio network, WNBC-TV-New York, WGN-TV-Chicago, Discovery Channel-Beyond 2000, CBN/Canada, New Women, Muscle and Fitness, San Francisco Chronicle, Billboard, and the Boston Globe.