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“Tapping Into The True Intelligence of Your Heart: Your Most Powerful Tool For Self-Improvement”

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Thursday, April 18th 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern


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Thursday, April 18th
5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern

About Deborah Rozman

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., President and Co-CEO

Deborah Rozman has over thirty years of experience as a business executive, serial entrepreneur, psychologist, author, and educator. She has been involved with HeartMath since its inception, first as founding executive director of the non-profit HeartMath Institute , then as executive vice president of HeartMath LLC, and for the past decade as founding director, President and CEO of Quantum Intech Inc. (dba HeartMath Inc) and more recently of HeartMath LLC.

Prior to her work at HeartMath she was EVP of Biogenics, Inc., a biotech firm, from 1981 to 1987 and managed 90 employees through the company’s rapid growth, going from $3 million in sales to $17 million in nine months.

She is also co-author with Doc Childre of HeartMath’s Transforming Series: Transforming Stress, Transforming Anger, Transforming Anxiety and Transforming Depression, and is a key spokesperson on HeartMath, heart intelligence, managing stress in these changing times and heart-based living.

About Howard Martin

Howard Martin, EVP, Strategic Development

Howard Martin brings more than thirty years of experience in business and personal development to the position of Executive Vice President, Strategic Development. Howard’s responsibilities include global alliances, marketing, and program and product development. Howard has been instrumental in assisting Doc Childre in the development and teaching of HeartMath’s programs since its inception. He speaks internationally on the HeartMath approach to advancing human performance that is based on compelling scientific research linking heart function with health, emotional well-being and intelligence.

Howard is co-author with Doc Childre of The HeartMath Solution, published in 2000 by Harper San Francisco. He also developed Nightingale-Conant’s tape series, “The HeartMath Method.” Howard is a dynamic speaker, and has delivered hundreds of workshops and keynote addresses to audiences ranging from corporations, to the armed forces, to educators, families, and human service providers. As a key spokesperson for HeartMath, he has conducted hundreds of media interviews. His appearances include CNN Headline News, U.P.I. Radio network, WNBC-TV-New York, WGN-TV-Chicago, Discovery Channel-Beyond 2000, CBN/Canada, New Women, Muscle and Fitness, San Francisco Chronicle, Billboard, and the Boston Globe.