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Harnessing the Power of Metaphysics

A Free Webinar with Neale Donald Walsch

Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 2PM Pacific or 5PM Eastern

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Would you like to live in the flow of Divine essence in every moment of your day?

Would you like to know once and for all that this “thing” people call God is real and that you are truly “one” with that Divine energy and can connect with it and be guided by it?


If you answered Yes to those questions, then it’s important for you to understand two things.


The first is that you are much more than you were raised to believe you are, and the second is that you are never alone.

You also need to know that living in Oneness with God doesn’t have to be a struggle, or shrouded in mystery, or buried beneath layers of religious dogma.

In fact, there’s a way for that deep connection to feel as constant and natural to you as your own breath, and for your experience of it in every moment of your life to be as simple as starting a conversation.

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What Neale will Share with You...

During this special, LIVE, 60-minute online event, Neale will share with you the story of how he was able to transition from the period in his life when he was unemployed, homeless, and recovering from a debilitating injury, to becoming a bestselling author and celebrated speaker throughout the world.  


Through intentionally striving, each and every day to be a living embodiment of the Conversations with God teachings, and to achieve mastery in living, Neale has not only gotten closer and closer to reaching those goals, he has been able to transform every aspect of his life.


During this brand-new LIVE event, he wants to show you how to use the same powerful process he still uses every day, to help you move from wherever you are in your life to an experience more closely resembling your highest desires and aligned with your grandest spiritual purpose.


Using the Mastery in Living” Process Neale will share with you during this transformative event can profoundly affect every area of your life, from your health and well-being to your relationships and your experience of wealth in its many diverse forms and dimensions.

Join Neale for this free online event and take your next step toward mastery.

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Neale’s LIVE Online Event:

Harnessing the Power of Metaphysics”

What Neale says about this upcoming LIVE experience…

“I consider the messages in Conversations with God, and the commitment necessary to apply them in our everyday lives, to be Our Final Frontier for humanity. Once we, as a species, can fully embrace the truths about God and about ourselves, we will have erased our final misunderstandings about Life and about The Divine, and will at last be able to embark on the journey to Mastery in Living, which is the awaiting and rightful inheritance of every sentient being.”  

Join Neale for this compelling hour-long gathering where he will show you how you can come to embody the most important messages of Conversations with God, and leave behind any feelings you may have of anger, abandonment, or unworthiness, and become fully alive in your own life.

During this FREE 60-Minute LIVE Online Event, you’ll discover how to…

What People are Saying about
Neale Donald Walsch…

Neale Donald Walsch not only receives the words of God, and writes them down so we can really know them, he applies them, he embodies them he learns them personally. These words guide his life and inspire his teaching. He awakens in the soul of all of us who hears in him a sense of hope, brilliance, and understanding of the nature of God in our lives. Besides he is the best friend one, could have and is super lovable!!!
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Mother of Conscious Evolution
Neale Donald Walsch’s The Final Frontier teaches us how to directly awaken the innate freedom of our innermost being through actualizing universal truth principles and practices in all aspects of our lives. This program is a gift to all sentient beings.
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder, Agape Spiritual Center
Neale Donald Walsch represents a pure vehicle for Divine wisdom and creative intelligence to flow into this world. Connecting to that flow of wisdom and energy allows for your expansion and evolution to gain momentum and support your realization. What Neale offers the world is a great blessing.
Panache Desai
Bestselling author
I've had the privilege of calling Neale a close friend for many years now, and here's what I have to say about him: Neale is perhaps the most dedicated transformation teacher I have ever met. His sight is forever set on the conscious evolution we are now experiencing in many ways, and this program is no exception. Our Final Frontier is a call to each one of us that the moment is upon us and the choice is clear - are we going to continue choosing fear or once and for all break free into the unlimited boundaries of love? I believe this program is a step in that direction and I highly recommend it.
James Twyman
New York Times bestselling author

“I will never forget reading Conversations with God for the first time. I just kept thinking: This is the God I believe in, not the big bad father figure in the sky. Over the years, I’ve read all the Conversations with God books (more than once) and continued to feel many weights lift off my shoulders. I’m in the middle of rereading Friendship with God and I still continue to learn things I’d forgotten about from the last time I read it. I’ve also attended workshops Neale conducted to hear him speak about his experience while writing the books of these conversations; it’s quite remarkable. I am honored to call Neale my friend.”
~ Nannette Kennedy

“The Conversations with God material was among the first eye-openers and change makers to impact my life in a major and noticeable way. Neale’s work facilitated a shift in my thinking so that I could see life more expansively; it’s only continued to grow. Thank you, Neale Donald Walsch!”
~ Linda Farrell Small

“Neale’s retreats and his books have appeared in my life when a radical shift in my perspective and understanding was most dire. The material that came through in Neale’s books is nothing short of life-changing, and his retreats will help you apply this material in ways that are most meaningful. Though extremely in depth, I have always found Neale’s courses and retreats to be less expensive than comparable courses and retreats offered by other spiritual teachers.”
~ Michele Harvey Poet/Author

“Neale brings us God’s Message in words we can all understand. With a depth and vision that is unsurpassed. Conversations with God brings me wonderful new insight into Life and how to live it with Unconditional Love for all people, all faiths, and even those of no faith. I continue to read them and read them again because they are so deep and helpful… I have been on my Spiritual path for 45 years, and I am grateful to just three teachers who have literally changed my life. One is Jesus Christ who has dialogue with me many times. Conversations with God says God talks to everyone, all the time…”
~ Alton

“Neale’s books have changed my life. I was often in a state of confusion because of conditioning, and then Neale said: ‘What you wish to experience, provide it to another.’ If I wish to be more confident, I help another to become confident. If I wish to feel happy, I help another to be happy. And on and on it goes because giving and receiving are One and the Same in Unity Consciousness.”
~ Christine Glenn

About Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger who has published 33 titles in the past 20 years, including the Conversations with God books, which have been translated into 37 languages and read by millions.

He has lectured on every continent and facilitated extended personal renewal retreats across the globe, creating, as well, both short-form and year-long online programs, with every outreach designed to assist people in applying a revolutionary spiritual approach to life that he has termed “beingism,” arising out of the messages of Conversations with God.

Neale’s newest book, Conversations with God, book 4: Awaken the Species was published in 2017 and describes a new way of being human, which the author suggests could improve individual lives instantaneously, and change the world in less than a generation.