Carl Studna’s images have appeared in: Rolling Stone, Time, Musician, and USA Today

Carl’s iconic photographs include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Deepak Chopra, Genesis, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Marianne Williamson, Brian Wilson, James Brown, Jefferson Airplane, Kenny Loggins, Ram Dass, Tom Robbins, and John Bradshaw.

Let a Master Photographer Teach You the Professional Tips and Tricks for Taking Powerful, Connective Photos that Will Move People and Make Them Want to See More

Mothermoose with babySmartphone photography has become the leading artform in the world.

Exponentially more people now view and share these artistic expressions on Facebook, Instagram, Photobucket, and other platforms than visit actual art galleries and museums any day of the week.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s a wonderful thing!

The problem is that most of those photos aren’t anywhere near as good or artistic as they could be, because most people don’t know the professional secrets that will take their smartphone photos to the next level and inspire more attention and appreciation from their families, friends and colleagues.

WaterfallsWith a little training and guidance from master photographer Carl Studna, you’ll not only be able to take professional-looking photos with your phone, you’ll also get more in touch with what Carl calls your “signature essence.”

This will not only help you take better photos by connecting you more deeply to yourself and the world around you, it will also give you a profound new clarity about what you’re here to do in your life on a moment-to-moment basis, and how to best go about sharing your gifts with the world.

During Carl’s unique and comprehensive 6-week program, you’ll learn how to…
  • Take photos with intention, imbued with your personal message and ideas

  • Develop a professional eye for the shot and see the world around you through a camera’s lens.

  • Experience photography as a meditation, and as a way of deepening into your oneness and interconnectedness

  • Be authentic with what you photograph and in the way you creatively engage with Life, instead of reflexively reacting to your photographic subject, or to the world, with conditioned response patterns

  • Further develop your artistry and creativity, and truly find the artist within you

  • See the sacred in everything and find the best way to try to do it justice with your camera

  • Use both natural and artificial light to your best advantage wherever you are

  • Redefine photographic self-consciousness by taking truly “conscious selfies”

  • Use social media in healthy, productive and enriching ways

  • Enhance your photos using professional techniques in post-production graphics software

  • Share your own inner light with the world through the pictures you take


Zen and the Art of Smartphone Photography

Discover How to Use Your Phone’s Camera to Create Truly Inspiring Images and Connect More Deeply With Yourself and the World Around You

6-Week, 12-Module Online Masters Program

with World-Renowned Photographer Carl Studna



In this module, you’ll learn how to become an evocateur, first by setting your goals and intentions prior to even picking up your camera, and then find ways of infusing those intentions into your decisions about the kinds of stories you want to tell, and where you point your lens. 

You’ll discover how to…
  • See the world in new ways and channel your every inspiration into your work 
  • Get clear about the emotions you want to convey in the pictures you take, and the kinds of responses you hope to receive
  • Summon the sacred into the photographic process, through awe, wonder, playfulness and joy
  • Bring out your unique message in your own unique way


In this module, you’ll learn how to begin cultivating the ability to see striking imagery everywhere you go in a clear and awakened way—to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and know how to recognize the perfect light, perspective and angle for every shot you feel inspired to take.

You’ll discover how to…
  • Open more deeply to the subtleties of the light emanating from within you 
  • See the world in frames, and use those frames to compose your photos
  • Slow your perception down so you can see the subtleties and uniqueness of everything and every moment
  • Begin exploring and experimenting with new tones and textures, angles and perspectives


In this module, you’ll learn how to use Photography as a meditation by focusing on the stillness leading up to the moment when the shutter is clicked, and honoring the deep value of photography to commemorate and create and hold beautiful memories of moments in time that can be returned to again and again. 

You will discover how to…

  • Be more fully present in the moment so you can engage on a deeper level with whoever or whatever presents itself 
  • Maintain a deep level of attention and attunement to the subtle energies and details 
  • Truly be still and to live and take photographs from that space 
  • Honor the sacred in every action you take


In this module, you’ll learn how to more effectively use your photographs on the various social media platforms Carl uses himself — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn — exploring the categories of fine art, product marketing, event promotion, and supporting causes you believe in.  

You will discover how to…

  • Adapt to the ways photography has changed since the advent of social media
  • Maintain just the right amount of online presence without overposting 
  • Remain personal and authentic while effectively evoking the response you want to generate
  • Recognize and optimize the unique nuances of each social media platform


In this module, you’ll learn how to better use composition to create beautiful pictures, exploring professional techniques for lighting in various situations, using effective camera angles, experimenting with different exposures, and recognizing potential problems to compensate for before you click the shutter, instead of afterwards. 

You will discover how to…
  • Use professional photo-composition techniques and develop your own personal sense of composition 
  • Make the best use of the light you have available to you at the moment you want to take a picture, whether it is natural or from sources you can control
  • Become a master of shadow and light, and exposure 
  • Effectively utilize the zoom feature on your phone and understand its limitations


In this module, you’ll learn how to open yourself fully to your own unique vision as a photographer, and to think of yourself as the better photographer you are becoming, never second-guessing yourself or compromising in your quest to find a way to coax the image you want to see in through the shutter on your phone.

You will discover how to…

  • Recognize what your unique and singular vision as a photographer is, so you can learn to trust it and tap into it at will 
  • Respond to what your vision is calling you to create instead of trying to meet some preconceived idea of what you should create
  • Be able to “see” all the elements of the image come together ahead of time in your mind: composition, lighting, textures, and mood
  • Remain in a constant state of experimentation and “treasure hunting” as an artist, looking for powerful images in new places and approaches


In this module, you will learn to cultivate and express the unique  quality of light that is emerging from within you that expresses through you into your images, making your voice and message more powerful and enabling you to contribute your service, value and connection to those around you.

You will discover how to… 

  • Recognize, access, and then express your inner light every time you click the shutter button
  • Stay open to new insights that might arrive while you are evaluating a photo you want to take, because insight births creativity
  • Let go of limiting ideas, beliefs and emotions that keep you from being your best, most expressive and brilliant self, whether taking photographs or in any area of your life
  • Use your inner light to keep you aligned with your deeper intentions and goals


In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about light and the subtle and not so subtle ways you can use it to enhance your photos and achieve the effects you want, regardless of where you are taking a given photo or where your available light is being sourced from. 

You will discover how to… 

  • Use advanced lighting techniques, such as back-lighting to quickly get what is best for the shot you want to take
  • Expand and refine your sensory perceptions so you are more attuned to the subtleties of the light that is all around you 
  • Best take advantage of the unique qualities of natural light in the early morning and late evening
  • Control intentional flares when shooting into the Sun and use shadows to effectively create depth


In this module, you will learn how to overcome the usual kind of self-consciousness that happens when you take a picture of yourself, and instead allow your relaxed and essential self to shine through, which will also help you assist others you are photographing to rest into their own authentic presence when your camera is pointed at them. 

You will discover how to… 

  • Transcend reflexive self-conscious tendencies and juggle the challenges of being both photographer and subject 
  • Best use a tripod, selfie stick, or your own hand to hold your phone while snapping a photo of yourself
  • Avoid selfie cliches and create authentic and natural shots that show the world who you truly are
  • Train your subjects in these same techniques, so they can be more authentic, too, both when being photographed by others or when taking their own selfies


In this module, you will learn how to professionally enhance your images using a free post production software app that will allow you to adjust many different aspects of your photos in the quest to bring your vision to fulfillment and help the image to become its best self, just as you are ever trying to be and become the best version of yourself.

You will discover how to…

  • Expertly use the simple and free Photoshop Express image-editing software app
  • Recognize what kinds of edits and enhancements any given photo might need, so you can start from an educated idea of what you want to do to it
  • Become a master of specific tools that will allow you to change the framing of your image, alter the contrast between the dark and light areas, create highlights, deepen shadows, and increase or reduce vibrance, saturation, clarity, and exposure 
  • Explore the many possibilities waiting for you in the Photoshop Express filters


In this module, you will learn techniques for quickly connecting with and relating to your subjects, honoring them and making them feel more comfortable with having their photos taken (something most people hate to do), so they can feel at ease and show their uniqueness and their authentic beauty to the world. 

You will discover how to…

  • Be fully present and authentic with your subject, honoring their feelings and concerns and doing everything you can to ensure they have the best possible experience with you
  • Be interactive with your subject, creating a deeper connection and contributing to the lighthearted and relaxed atmosphere 
  • Utilize a few specific acting techniques that will help you focus on playing your role of the photographer in ways that will help your subject to trust you and take better direction
  • Use these same techniques when you are on the other side of the camera to ensure you show up authentically and are the best subject you can be, which will lead to photos of you that you love and are proud to share


In this module, you will learn what it truly means to be an artist (even if you’re only expressing yourself creatively with your phone’s camera), and how to own that designation, knowing that every time you take a picture, you are revealing and exploring the sacredness of life through your creativity and your vision, and that unquestionably makes you an artist. 

You will discover how to…
  • See the sacred in everything, and then reveal it in your photographs so others can see it, too
  • Choose each and every day to do the important work of pointing out the beauty of the world through your beautiful images 
  • Access your own personal channel of unlimited creativity and inspiration
  • Play an invaluable role in spreading the sacredness of life through the way you live yours, and through the photographs you take and choose to share


When You Register for Carl’s 6-Week Masters Program, You Will Also Receive Finding Beauty, His Brand-New, Virtual Coffee Table Book of His Favorite Photographs.

This beautiful virtual “coffee table book” of Carl’s photographs includes most of the images on this program page, along with many others, from breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits of spiritual luminaries, actors, rock stars, and others.

From the Galapagos Cave to Golden Aspens at Sunset, this beautiful collection of more than 50 of Carl’s favorite photographs will give you a wealth of pleasure and inspiration to draw on.

Finding Beauty is an exclusive ebook we’ve created with Carl, and is only available to those who register for Carl’s “Zen and the Art of Smartphone Photography” 6-Week Online Masters Program.


When You Register at 50% Off Today or by Midnight Tomorrow, Sunday, September 1st, You Will Also Receive the Ebook Version of Carl Studna’s Highly Acclaimed Hardcover Book:
CLICK! Choosing Love One Frame at a Time

In Carl’s beautiful 200-page book, he uses the analogy of the camera’s “click” when you’re taking a picture or having your picture taken to describe that essential moment we are faced with throughout each and every day of our lives, when we must choose between love or fear.

CLICK! Weaves together the fascinating story of Carl’s own journey as a photographer and a spiritual seeker beginning in the 1960s. He explores how those two pursuits merged and allowed him to step into a creative life of deep personal and spiritual fulfillment. 

He also shares the tools he’s discovered on that journey — tools for living a life of freedom, love and full expression, showing us how to make loving, purposeful and heart-centered choices through every “click” of our lives.

The book includes a foreword by spiritual teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith, along with exclusive, original short essays and stories from some of the luminaries Carl has photographed over the years, including Kenny Loggins, Tom Robbins, Kathleen McGowan, Ram Dass, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Cynthia James.

***To receive your copy of this wonderful ebook at no additional cost, you must register for Carl’s “Zen and the Art of Taking Better Photographs with Your Smartphone” 6-Week Online Masters Program at 50% off by Midnight Pacific Time Tomorrow, Sunday, September 1st*** 

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When You Register by Midnight on Thursday, September 5th, You Will Also Receive Our Early Registration Bonus 

The “Photographers’ Deeper Dive with Carl Studna” Early Registration Bonus Video Collection
(Valued at $147)

In this collection of 4 bonus videos from Carl, he will take you on a deeper dive into certain aspects of taking photographs with your phone or other cameras, including special considerations for different types of subject matter, as well as exploring the deeper adventure photography can open up for your life. 

Early Registration Bonus Video #1 “Why Do We Take Photos?: The Value of Photography in Our Lives and in the World”

In this bonus video, you will learn…

  • The two reasons for taking pictures
  • Why developing your creativity can be a challenge
  • How to best creatively express your uniqueness through your photos
  • How to tap into the universal force and allow it to flow through you

Early Registration Bonus Video #2
“What Catches Your Eye: Why You Are Drawn to Certain Images More Than Others”

In this bonus video, you will learn…

  • All about the “reticular activating system” that affects what you are visually attracted to
  • How to approach very specific subject matter, such as    landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, still lifes, people, and wildlife
  • Techniques for conveying joy, sadness, humor, tenderness, and poignancy through your photographs 

Early Registration Bonus Video #3
“The Deeper Dance Between Light & Shadow”

In this bonus video, you will learn…

  • The advanced use of light and shadow to create drama in your pictures
  • How to use the nuances of contrast to create depth and texture and avoid “wash outs”
  • How to best take advantage of the magic of early-morning and late-afternoon light

Early Registration Bonus Video #4
“Making Photography a Grand Adventure”

In this bonus video, you will learn…

  • How to put on your figurative Indiana-Jones fedora and see life in a new and exciting way through the lens of your phone 
  • Ways to use photography as a wonderful excuse to explore the wonder and mystery of the world
  • The key to staying tapped in to what excites you and makes you feel alive in a way that is almost like meditation

***To receive this exciting Bonus Video Collection at no additional cost, you must register for Carl’s “Zen and the Art of Taking Better Photographs with Your Smartphone” 6-Week Online Masters Program at 50% off by Midnight Pacific Time Tomorrow, Thursday, September 5th*** 

This Self-Paced Program Starts Tuesday, September 10th

This Self-Paced Program Starts Tuesday, September 10th

What You Will Receive:

  • 12 Video Modules with Carl Studna (Valued at $697)
  • 12 MP3 Audios of the Video Modules (Valued at $179)
  • 3 LIVE Group-Mentoring Sessions with Carl Studna (Valued at $300)
  • Exclusive Membership in Our Private Facebook Community (priceless)

Total Value: $1,176

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Zen and the Art of Smartphone Photography

Discover How to Use Your Phone’s Camera
to Create Truly Inspiring Images
and Connect More Deeply
With Yourself and the World Around You


6-Week Masters Program


Carl Studna


Program Starts Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

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About Carl Studna

Carl Studna is a world-renowned photographer and videographer, inspirational speaker, teacher and multi-award winning author of the book CLICK! Choosing Love…One Frame at a Time and Evolution of Loving.

Over the past 30 years, Carl has been assigned all over the world to shoot CD and album covers, book covers, and other publicity platforms for musicians, teachers and authors such as Paul McCartney, George Harrison, James Brown, Jefferson Airplane, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Genesis, Kenny Loggins, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Tom Robbins, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson and John Bradshaw, and his work has appeared in many prominent magazines, including Rolling Stone, Musician, Time and USA Today.

Carl received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Expressive Arts from Sonoma State University and his Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and is also a member of the esteemed Transformational Leadership Council, a group of leaders of personal and organizational transformation who support one another in their contributions to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, you can play back the videos, audios or download the recordings of both the Program Sessions and the live Group Sessions after they occur, and you’ll still receive the full benefit from the teachings. And you can engage with your fellow students anytime on our private Facebook page to discuss any aspect of what has been shared in the sessions.

A: We have a private Facebook community group for all program participants that will provide you the opportunity to make connections with others, share insights, participate in discussions and exchange information about events and other activities that will complement your journey. You’ll be able to contribute your intentions, wisdom, experiences, projects, and growth there throughout the program.

A: The 12 modules were recently recorded by Carl Studna. The three 60-minute mentoring sessions are live with Carl Studna.

A: Yes, the audio mp3 files will be downloadable, so you can put them on your computer or phone.  The videos will be available for the foreseeable future but are not downloadable.

The modules are provided as both audio and video.

A: The program begins on September 10th. For the first two weeks, we share two modules with you per week. After the first two weeks you can access the other modules anytime you like.

A: Carl’s mentoring sessions are Sept 27, Oct 4 & Oct 11, 2019 at 9:00 AM Pacific

The mentoring sessions last 60 to 90 minutes and will be recorded for later viewing.

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